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Review: Breville Fast Slow Pro—Pressure Drop

Thursday, September 22, 2016


Pressure cookers are heralded as near-magical kitchen appliances, making stocks, cooking grains, creating risottos and other flavor-packed meals in a fraction of the time other methods might take. They are smart timesavers and workhorses with a lineage that extends back to the stovetops of our great grandmothers.

Pressure cookers are also enjoying a mini-renaissance, thanks in part to the availability of models with more and better pressure release valves, which makes them safer than older versions. Particularly popular right now are electric varieties that offer a degree of control harder to achieve in stovetop models.

I’ve been writing about food for close to 20 years. I’ve written the cookbook for a high-end restaurant, tested recipes professionally, worked in about a dozen restaurants and even done some personal chef work. Somehow, in all this time, I had never used a pressure cooker, so I felt a frisson of excitement when the doorbell announced the arrival of Breville’s Fast Slow Pro and, in effect, the imminent expansion of my culinary repertoire.

Thing is, that didn’t happen. Find out what went wrong in the full review on WIRED.

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