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Review: Meal Kits Provide Tasty Dinners, With A Side Of Landfill

Wired—July 19, 2017


MY WIFE ELISABETH wandered into the kitchen while I was testing a Blue Apron meal kit. She lifted one of the 4-pound Nordic ice bags that came in the box and gave the thawed, semi-glutinous thing a squeeze.

“You could make a breast larger with this stuff,” she declared before investigating the bubble-wrapped foam lining inside the cardboard wall of the box. “It’s like a disposable cooler!”

Her reactions were more investigative fascination than judgment, but I couldn’t help but wonder if this was part of the reason—along with Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods—for Blue Apron’s disappointing recent IPO and subsequent stock market slide.

My initial goal was to review the efforts of several individual companies that provide ready-to-cook meal kits. But after testing multiple meals delivered from Blue Apron, Purple Carrot, Home Chef, and the new offering Amazon Fresh has begun to roll out, Amazon Meal Kits, I found that they were all similar enough that I wanted to take an updated look at the meal kit concept.

Read more here in WIRED.

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