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For Home Chefs on a Budget, Sous Vide Cooking Heats Up

WIRED - Monday, November 18, 2013


When working with the right kind of foods, a sous vide machine is like an appliance from the Jetsons kitchen. Six-pound pork shoulder cooked medium-rare all the way through and fall-apart tender? No problem! Entire salmon filets that maintain near translucency from end to end? Piece of cake! Scallops that don’t overcook? We can do that!

At least now we can. Formerly the realm of the deep-pocketed kitchen nerd, sous vide cooking — where food is sealed in an airtight bag, then heated at a low and steady temperature — has become more accessible with the arrival of some lower-priced cookers.

Read reviews of the Anova, Sansaire, Polyscience and SousVide Supreme models here on WIRED.

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