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The Season’s Best Cookbooks: 6 Picks for Your WIRED Kitchen

WIRED—December 17, 2017


The cookbooks that resonate this year are the ones that get real. Whether encouraging you to use some kitchen smarts, or employing a brute-force meat-shredding method that relies on a sledgehammer, this season’s best cookbooks emphasize technique, authenticity, and the occasional bit of salty language. The fancy kitchen cookbooks are still out there but somehow feel less important, ceding their slots in our rankings to the tomes that focus on making better food at home, perhaps perfecting a long braise or getting a little philosophical instead of fussing with plating.

Find out what made the cut and see if you develop a taste for Kate Lebo’s recipe for Motherfucking Strawberry Rhubarb Pie by reading the story on WIRED.

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