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Review: Weber Summit Charcoal Grill—Burn Rate

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Jeff the Weber Grill rep arrived, huffing and puffing at the top of the steps as he introduced himself. His wife Jill looked on worriedly from the door, beyond which lay their big, white delivery van.

“I don’t think it’ll fit,” Jill said. “That grill’s big.” This was an understatement. Once we hauled it up the stairs and shimmied it through the front door, I had to pop a sliding glass door out of its track to get the grill out to the back deck.

Behold! The Weber Summit Charcoal is a $1,700 behemoth that looks like Weber’s classic kettle grill on steroids. It comes with a circular cooking grate with a monster 452 square inches of grilling space, and is looking to push its way into a category dominated by legions of devoted fans and a mountain of grill lingo.

I’d set up delivery to coincide with a vacation trip to Oregon, stopping at my cousin-in-law’s butcher shop in Portland for a cooler full of good meat. There was a lot to cook.

“If you can catch it, you can cook it in there,” Jeff proclaimed before climbing back into his van. I realized that I could easily cook a party’s worth of food on the Summit.

Could this kamado grill competitor take the heat? Hell yes! Read the full WIRED review here.

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