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Review: Sansaire Searing Kit—Cooking With Fire

WIRED - Gadget Lab - Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Cook one of the best hunks of meat of your life and moments before it goes out to the table, it will almost certainly look like a great, gray blob. Get a nice sear on it, though, and suddenly you’re talking turkey. Or honey-browned ham. Or perfectly pink standing rib roast.

But back to that blob, which you’d first cook sous vide (the technique where protein is sealed inside an airtight plastic bag and cooked in a water bath held at a precise temperature, say 135°F / 57°C for a medium-rare steak). After you get that to sear, you’ve got two good options: The first is to get a skillet screaming hot and throw your protein right on there. It’s an imperfect solution as that ham might be fall-apart tender and hard to manipulate. Plus, there will be difficult-to-reach crevices that aren’t even touching the heat.

Option two is much more fun: Hit it with a blowtorch.

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(Photo Christie Hemm Klok/Wired)

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