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Review: Breville Precision Brewer

Wired—October 18, 2017


AS I PULLED my newest coffee fetish item out of the box, the side view so clearly reminded me of the Avengers Tower that it inspired a few lines of superhero fan fiction:

THE HULK (sipping coffee from a tiny cup, pinky raised): Hey Cap, the coffee tastes different this morning. Do you think the grind is right?

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Dunno, big guy—maybe the water temp is a bit low. Shall we make Tony brew another pot?

(Superhero titters.)

For most of us, making coffee is a near-brainless action. The ease of the process is an advantage when you’ve still got the morning sleepies. Put the grounds into Mr. Coffee’s basket, pour in the water, and press start.

Yet for those who want to explore, there are a near-infinite amount of variables that go into brewing: the brew method, the amount of coffee, the length of the brew cycle, water quality.

Get the full story here in WIRED.

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