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Review: Breville PolyScience Control Freak—Burnin’ for You

Friday, April 1, 2016


Almost every day in my well-used home kitchen, I work with a double standard. I pop something in the oven and dial in a specific temperature, say 175°C. However, on the stovetop, I settle for the vagueness of low, medium, or high. When I go see my mother-in-law, and swap my electric range for her gas flames, is my “medium” the same as her medium? No, it is not.

Set for release today, Breville/PolyScience’s Control °Freak is a restaurant-grade induction burner that allows a chef to dial in either the surface temperature of a pot or the temperature of the liquid inside it. As someone with the disposition to experiment with the options this presents, this gave me a little frisson, accompanied by the feeling I was seeing the future.

Did I see the future? I think I did. Read the full review on WIRED.

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