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Docs put light on Sunny Side

May 27, 2003 - The Hollywood Reporter

PARIS—International documentary market Sunny Side of the Doc is anticipating an overall upswing of more than 20% for its 14th edition, which runs June 25-28 in the southern French port city of Marseilles.

“Nobody today can finance their own documentaries. (A smaller market) is a necessity,” said the market’s general commissioner, Yves Jeanneau, on Monday, who cited the success of “Etre et Avoir” (To Be and to Have) and “Bowling for Columbine” for part of this year’s growth.

More than 285 exhibitors have signed up for this year’s market, up from last year’s 237, along with an expected 230 buyers and commissioning editors—both figures keeping up with the 20% growth.

Despite the upturn in number of exhibitors, films and projects, Jeanneau, who is also the documentary director for television station France 2, stressed the market’s unique niche ability.

“We all go to festivals like MIP and MIFED, but it’s too expensive, too hard to get work done and too hard to get a table for lunch. A specialized market is much more efficient,” said Jeanneau. “The documentary market has become more complicated, and people come here to understand what is happening.”

Market highlights will include the celebration of the WGBH production “NOVA’s 30th year” as part of forums on science and history on June 25. Other key events include a look at small cinemas around the world specializing in DVD projection (June 28) and a forum on historical-based fiction as documentary called, “Is this still a documentary?” (June 27). There will also be a debate on June 28, “The documentary on television: What audience, what scores, which time slots?”

Jeanneau suggested that the largest trend is the attention documentaries are getting from top executives, using the anticipated attendance of France Television’s president, Marc Tessier, and A&E’s Michael Katz as evidence.

Among others, the market will welcome representatives from the Sundance Channel, Bravo!, HBO, BBC, PBS, Radio Canada and the CBC.

Marseilles Mayor Jean Claude Gaudin will take part in the opening ceremonies June 25. The opening film has not yet been named.

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