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WIRED—February 2, 2018

Mixtin Review: A New Spin On The Mixing Vessel Tries To Rewrite The Recipe For Stirred Cocktails

At a good bar, stirring happens inside lovely vessels called mixing glasses, but Cocktail Kingdom’s new Mixtin “mixing tin” promises better consistency through temperature control, swapping out thick glass for vacuum-insulated double walls made of stainless steel.

WIRED—January 25, 2018

Made In Cookware Pan Set—Welcome To The Problem Dome

The pans from a new company called Made In promise US-made, premium-quality cookware. The website claims that its direct-to-consumer sales model allows it to offer steep discounts for that quality, citing an example of a $69 pan from Made In which would cost $150 at a typical retailer. It’s a hefty claim.

WIRED—January 18, 2018

The Tasty One Top—Tons Of Potential, But Teetering On The Edge

The One Top is an induction burner—one of a class of kitchen devices that heats a pan not with a flame or other heating element, but by generating a magnetic field. As smart induction burners like the Hestan Cue and the Breville/PolyScience Control Freak demonstrated, this is a category with exciting potential, but the One Top struggled where it should have excelled.

Wired—January 4, 2018

Like To Party In The Danger Zone? Make Dinner In The Mellow

Two doctors and a specialist reveal deep misgivings about this machine which may leave your food in the danger zone for way too long.