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December 30, 2001 - The Boston Globe

Blame is hotly disputed in shoe-bomb case (me as contributor)

By Stephanie Stoughton and Stephen Kurkjian, Globe Staff, Globe Correspondent.
Globe correspondent Joe Ray contributed from Paris.
This story ran on page A25 of the Boston Globe.

October 21, 2001 - The Boston Globe

Paris marks killing of protesters

Plaque recalls 1961 police attack on Algerian rally
By Joe Ray, Globe Correspondent.
This story ran on page A6 of the Boston Globe.

September/October 2001 - Midwest Express Magazine

Plugging An Old Art With New Cork

The first time I pulled a plastic cork out of a bottle, I looked at it with a mixture of curiosity and befuddlement. I drank the wine, and it tasted just like it should have…which is exactly what Neocork Technology wants to happen.

August 2001 - Alaska Airlines Magazine

Vella cheese culture

The Vella Cheese Company, in Sonoma, California, is a rare 13-person family business in a land of cheese mega-corporations, run by the spry Ig Vella, age 72.

March 9, 2001 - The East Bay Business Times

Internet advertisers sharpen their aim

The online advertising industry’s latest moves to better target the ubiquitous banners and pop-ups will give ad buyers, ad sellers and even the consumer something they have longed for ­ accountability.

Online advertising began as a free-for-all with the focus …